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Edutainment room for the Nature Center Zagorje

Modern multimedia interpretation of educational content

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Multimedia exhibition for the House of the Pannonian Sea

Interactive experience of the long gone sea.

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Interactive screens in adidas stores

Digital promotion on video walls, displays and interactive displays

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Tourist info center - Palace Cedulin

Focal digital presentation point for all tourists visiting the city of Zadar and Zadar county

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For you, we have created something special. Choose a PandoPad model, software and entire platform. Together we build multimedia solutions.

Different industries and different locations where PandoPad is deployed have their specific characteristics and nuances, and they all have some common characteristics and requirements. PandoPad is a perfect solution for all projects.

PandoPad digital signage applications are designed for information, advertising, communications and entertainment. They are ready to use and, if needed, can be completely adapted to suit your visual identity. And they are easy to manage.

Pandopad projects are attractive, fast, fluid, functional, adaptable, expandable and intuitive to use.