Tourist board Zadar Tourism

Multimedia system for the tourist information center Cedulin Palace

A new tourist information center of the Zadar Tourist Board and the Zadar County Tourist Board has been opened in the renovated Cedulin Palace in Zadar together with a multimedia exhibition. The space is modernly decorated, and will be available not only to tourists, but to various cultural and public events of the city of Zadar.

The center is located in the most beautiful and most representative part of the Cedulin Palace from the 13th century, which is a protected cultural property and is located at the entrance to the historic center of the city. With the help of modern multimedia equipment, this historic center became a central place for managing all tourist activities and, through the restoration and preservation of historical and monumental heritage, improved the tourist quality of the city of Zadar and Zadar County.


The space was set for renovation and the award-winning architect was hired who brought the spirit of contemporary architecture into this decades-old abandoned space. Our task was to deliver the entire multimedia exhibition that would enable the content management for both tourist boards through a central system.


The main challenge in this project was to figure out how to present the beauty of Zadar through a modern sophisticated PandoPad multimedia system of units and solutions in an interactive and educational way in order to provide tourists with useful information about destinations and services.

Our approach

It was necessary to ensure the attractiveness and functionality of the space through a multimedia setup, but also to ensure that all content shared by the two tourist boards is displayed using our PandoPad® Manager content management system. PandoPad® Manager is accesible via a web browser and it is possible to enable or disable the display of individual PandoPad applications, manage their multilingual textual content, images, photos, videos, schedule, etc.


Main deliverables were PandoPad® VideoWall unit for presentation of video and image content, PandoPad® Projection unit containing welcoming projection on active glass foil, PandoPad® Wall unit and PandoPad® GlassDesk unit with over 20 different touch applications and synchronization with website.