PandoPad - Industries - for Conferences and Trade Shows
PandoPad - Industries - for Conferences and Trade Shows
PandoPad - Industries - for Conferences and Trade Shows
PandoPad - Industries - for Conferences and Trade Shows
PandoPad for Conferences and Fairs

Interactive Digital Signage Solution for Conferences and Trade Shows

At conferences and trade shows there is a special requirement for the presentation of all sorts of information to participants - speakers/exhibitors and visitors. This includes guides and directories that relate to venues, schedules of events, introduction to speakers/presenters, 

brochures and presentation collateral, email communications with other participants for networking purposes, product announcements and promotions, subscription to newsletters, etc. All that is provided through PandoPad.


  • Increases brand recognition
  • Visually connects customers with services and marketing messages through dynamic content
  • Delivers targeted messages to specific customer categories, thus facilitating quicker time to market and increased sales
  • Enables real time delivery of messages, announcement, and other information, at no additional cost
  • Ensures consistency of published information through use of central server
  • Central management

Interactive Marketing Solution for Digital Publishing

Compared to other forms of advertising, the key advantage of digital publishing is that it delivers a message in a dynamic and attractive way, to catch customers’ attention. The second key advantage is that it makes it possible to manage the content (i.e. marketing message) in real time!

Designed for More

A PandoPad owner can use it for many purposes – to deliver services to target customers, to inform, to sell, to educate, to entertain, to advertise, to publish, to survey the market, to present, etc.

PandoPad is Unique

  • Attractive design and branding
  • Touch sensitive user interface
  • Quick and smooth transition between scenes
  • Flexible and fluid sensation when using the screen
  • All PandoPad user interface functions are logical and intuitive to everyone

PandoPad Platform

PandoPad platform unifies software and hardware into a single whole. The goal was to create a unique system that will meet the most demanding challenges in the digital signage field, yet provide a reliable platform for digital signage communications. PandoPad platform can easily be integrated with external third party systems.