Biosfera Tourism

Multimedia display Center for sustainable active tourism BioSfera Biograd

The BioSfera Biograd project deals with the issue of ecological, social and economic sustainability of the protected nature areas of Dalmatia and Lika. The goal of the project is to bring visitors closer to the natural heritage of the target area, especially less developed, rural areas through year-round sustainable active tourism through virtual reality, wall and floor video projections, replicas of Telašćica cliffs and rocks from Paklenica.

The center extends over 4 floors, and through interactive multimedia content you can discover the most beautiful natural attractions of Zadar, Šibenik - Knin and Lika - Senj counties. In BioSfera, all information and presentations about our six protected natural parks will now be available in one place: PP Vrana Lake, NP Kornati, NP Krka, NP Paklenica, PP Velebit and PP Telašćica.


Contribute to the sustainable use of natural heritage destinations of national parks and nature parks through sustainable active tourism based on natural heritage.


The main challenge was designing the concept and content of the PandoPad solution, which would educate visitors with its visual identity and interactive content and provide useful information in a multimedia format.

Our approach

Based on the approved concept, it is necessary to define the detailed appearance and functionality of the multimedia system, specify the necessary equipment, applications and specify the content formats. All visual content was created and the user interface was designed, which was later trained through Pandopad Manager.


A wide range of multimedia equipment was delivered, such as the PandoPad® WALL unit interactive screen, interactive tables, VR glasses that bring the beauty of the Dalmatian regions closer, a large wall projection, 3D mapping caves, floor interactive projections, a fishing game on Lake Vrana, and a large package of PandoPad® applications. Finally, PandoPad® Manager CMS was delivered as a central place for managing all content.