Desinić Municipality Tourism

Multimedia and hologram for the tourist information center Desinić

On the St. Juraj's day (Jurjevo), when Desinić celebrates the day of the municipality and the parish, the birth house of Gjuro Prejac was renovated and converted into a tourist info center and a memorial house with the legacy of this famous Croatian composer, actor, and director, born in Desinić.

The house presents a cultural, educational, and interactive experience interesting for both tourists and locals because, in addition to the memorial room which stores original handwritten notes and furniture of the famous composer, the house also serves as a tourist info center and multimedia center. An interesting fact is that the renovated house is covered with a thatched roof, the so-called "škopa", which used to be a tradition in the Zagorje region, and that's how Gjuro Prejac's song called "Vu plavem trnaci" was created, in which the appearance of a house in Zagorje is described with the words: ..."od blata je bita, škopom pokrita"... (it's made of mud, covered with škop").


In order to improve the cultural identity and heritage, the municipality of Desinić decided to reconstruct and revitalize the birthplace of the famous Croatian composer, actor, and director, Gjuro Prejac, into an interactive tourist info center and a memorial house. Our contribution to this project was the creation of content, production, and delivery of the entire multimedia display and equipment.


The challenge for this project was to create various multimedia solutions that would realistically unite the character and work of Gjuro Prejac and his cultural heritage. The idea was to create an authentic experience of the region in which he grew up and his indelible mark that he left in Croatian acting and music culture.

Our approach

For the creative part of the project, we studied the cultural heritage of Gjuro Prejac and developed the content that implements the user interface that is displayed within PandoPad applications. Thus, when visiting the house, visitors have the opportunity to see his hologram, listen to an old gramophone with his songs, test their conducting skills, and try out the touch of multimedia.


The project used our PandoPad ® WALL devices placed in a space designed as an authentic wooden sideboard with a touch screen. One sideboard represents the tourist board of the municipality of Desinić, the other presents multimedia content about Gjuro Prejac, and the third an interactive game Virtual Conductor in which a camera is used to control movement, which is also available as a free application on a mobile device. An interactive interface has been set up in the second room, where the visitor will start the hologram of Gjuro Prejac, embodied by Adam Končić, a famous Croatian film, television, and theater actor and singer.