PandoPad® eCard/eCoupon

PandoPad® eCard/eCoupon is one of the most popular PandoPad applications. It can be used in a number of ways.

Through classical eCard user interface, integrated with email system, a user may send a virtual postcard from another city, or entertaining content from a shopping centre etc. The second form, eCoupon, enables users to send sales coupons to their friends in a similar way (via the integrated email system), directly from shops, shopping centres, hotels and other such locations.
Both eCard and eCoupon can be used as a ‘PinBoard’ to display promotional leaflets.

In addition to postcard or coupon each email that is sent can also contain, at the bottom part of the message, marketing messages, links, other coupons, calls to action etc. These elements are automatically added by the application, as configured by the administrator through PandoPad® Manager.

Administrator can also easily adapt eCard/eCoupon to match corporate visual branding through  PandoPad® Manager.