We gave a lecture at an event in London

TiLEzone 6th Annual Event "Review of New and Emerging Technologies". The topic of our lecture was: "Touch and Gesture Technology - Pointy Things".



Darka Juras colleague and head of study from the UK and Mr Greg Jeffreys, owner of Paradigm AV, are invited to be the guest presenters of the lectures: - Touch and Gesture Technology - Pointy Things.

TiLEzone 6. TiLEzone is one of the major developments in this industry. The event featured various distinguished speakers, speakers, sponsors.

This year, special attention was paid to new technologies, creating good and attractive presentations for environments such as museums, theme parks.

Touch and Gesture Technology - The Pointy Things lecture focuses on the following: How to encourage people to use new technologies? What are the technology options? What to consider when creating a presentation? We also talked about hardware, various capabilities, conditions and examples from practice.