Nature Park Papuk Tourism

Visitor management system for Papuk Nature Park

Located in Požega-Slavonia County, Papuk Nature Park is certainly one of the most beautiful nature parks in Croatia, and also the first Croatian geopark with UNESCO protection. Its surface is marked by geological and biological diversity and valuable cultural and historical heritage, which is why it became a member of the European and world network of geoparks.

Constant investments in the tourist infrastructure of a park have been reflected in the number of visitors who can explore all the charms and beauties of the park throughout the year. In order to additionally implement certain nature protection measures, the Public Institution Nature Park Papuk, decided to install system that would manage the number of visitors in the park as part of the UNESCO Geopark project.


In order to strengthen the capacity for managing the number of visitors, the Public Institution Nature Park Papuk has decided to install equipment for monitoring the number of visitors in the outdoor areas of the park.


Deliver a quality and complete solution for the visitor management system so that Papuk Nature Park can obtain quality data for the implementation of marketing communication activities and increase visitor satisfaction.

Our approach

Taking into account the specificity of the location through which various visitors pass (walkers, runners, mountaineers, cyclists, etc.), it was necessary to establish an external installation of different types of counters. It was also necessary to deliver a complementary tablet application with a questionnaire that will be filled out by visitors.


Visitor management equipment includes infrared counters for counting people, counters for vehicles, and counters for bicycles. The counters are small in size (due to the risk of theft), have a simple design, and they are weather resistant. The collected data is downloaded from counters and analyzed on computers. Tablet devices were also supplied with a complementary tablet application called PandoPad® Customer FeedBack to survey users.