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Virtual reality (VR) solution for the tourist information center Rastoke

As part of the EU project ′′ Water Secrets of Slunj ′′ co-financed from the regional development fund, the new tourist information center was opened in the heart of Rastoke. The facility is equipped with modern equipment for presentation of the offer and content of Slunj-Rastoke destination and allows visitors to access all information in one place. Part of the solution is the production of 3D movies for virtual walk through the Slunj region that can be viewed through modern 3D virtual reality glasses.

Rastoke, a watermill pearl of the Slunj area, created by a whim of nature where the green and blue Slunjčica river flows over the travertine barriers into the Korana river, thereby creating a multitude of waterfalls, rapids, small lakes and cascades. Just in that dissolved terrain, elevations in the form of water flows and waterfalls, man created the Rastoke settlement. Among other things, Rastoke witness of the impressive harmony between the nature and human achievements whereby the power of the water was used as the main mill drive.


In order to show its visitors the beauties of Rastoke in the simplest and most accessible way possible, the Slunj Tourist Board has decided to implement virtual reality technology as part of the "Water Secrets of Slunj" project.


The challenge of this project was to create various multimedia solutions that would allow visitors to see the beauties of the Slunj region as realistically as possible. Part of the content was meant to be presented via virtual reality system in a 360-degree recording technique.

Our approach

Through an innovative virtual reality system, a virtual walk to several locations and a view of various activities that visitors can try such as rafting, fishing, cycling, etc. was realized.


The production and shooting of 3D films from the Slunj region, which can be viewed through modern 3D virtual reality glasses, was delivered. The experience of the virtual environment is accomplished with user moving their head in any direction and thus navigating the content in a 3D space. All contents of this solution can be accessed through a central content management system.