Donja Voća Municipality Tourism

Tablet and smartphone applications for Prehistory Adventure project

In order to preserve the protected natural heritage of the Vindija cave, the municipality of Donja Voća has initiated the project "Prehistory Adventure - Experiential Walk through Prehistoric Heritage" as part of the Cross-border Cooperation Program Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia. The aim of this project was to preserve and promote the archaeological heritage of the Vindija cave and knowledge of prehistory in an adventurous way, thus giving the protected cultural and natural heritage new interesting content.

As part of the project, a mobile application "Prehistory Adventure" was developed, which includes historic descriptions of the Vindija cave sites and offers various entertaining interactive content. The idea of the application was to tell prehistoric events from the Early Stone Age to the Iron Age in an modern way, and to demonstrate how prehistoric man lived, ate and worked in different periods.


The prehistoric heritage of the Vindija cave was not properly presented in the form of educational and attractive content, so it was necessary to complete the value of the protected natural heritage in a modern way.


It was necessary to study the contents of the protected natural heritage and the historical remains of the Vindija cave, and to interpret how man's ancestors lived through prehistoric periods.

Our approach

Our approach to the project was to create a mobile application that will bring up the prehistoric potential of different regions of the program area and provide target groups with an unforgettable insight into the most distant period of human history. The idea of ​​the mobile application is to provide fun and educational content through various scientific articles and quizzes, but also the possibility for advertising for tourism service providers.


A mobile application for smartphones and tablets with elements of gamification has been delivered, which fully interprets the prehistoric period in the geographical area that includes the municipalities of Donja Voća and Turopolje in Croatia, as well as Zreče and Radenci in Slovenia. The application shows content in two languages ​​(Croatian and Slovenian) and is available on Android and iOS platforms.