Restoration of the three towns' river walkways through the project "Meeting the river"

The project “Meeting the river”, carried by Karlovac County, encompasses three cities – Karlovac, Ogulin and Ozalj



Contracts have been signed between the town of Karlovac and the company Arkada for the construction and equipping of the walkway on the right bank of the river Korana and between the town of Karlovac, the town of Ozalj and ENA for the installation of ambient lighting on the wooden bridge. The total value is HRK 9 million and 200 thousand.

The project holder is Karlovac County, and the partners are the cities of Karlovac, Ogulin and Ozalj, the tourist boards of Ogulin and Ozalj, the public institution Natura Viva and the public institution Regional Development Agency of Karlovac County, which is in charge of operative implementation of the project.

A promenade from Aquatika to a wooden bridge is planned in Karlovac, where ambient lighting will be arranged. A new promenade along the Kupa river will also be arranged in Ozalj and in Ogulin near Dulina's pit.

According to deputy prefect Vesna Hajsan Dolinar, the special value of this project is that it connects sport and recreational with educational activities.

This example of the project, which is under the auspices of Karlovac County, where the three cities are part of the project, is actually a road map of what and how to proceed when we talk about EU projects, said Mayor Mandic.