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Relief animation for the Museum of Peasant Revolts

For the occasion of marking the 445th anniversary of the final battle of the Peasant Revolt of 1573, an exhibition entitled Franjo Tahy and Tahy's Town in Donja Stubica was opened at the Museum of Peasant Revolts. The exhibition shows life of one of today's most notorious Slavonian nobles, as well as the public perception of his personality in historiography, art and popular culture in a modern way.

Publicly condemned for his cruel actions, Franjo Tahy is remembered today as an intriguing figure in Croatian history. The exhibition presents books and illustrations from the second half of the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as works of art inspired by the Peasant Revolt from the holdings of the Museum of Peasant Revolts, which mention Franjo Tahy and his actions. Since the tombstone of Franjo Tahy is a part of the permanent exhibition of the Museum of Peasant Revolts, the exhibition is further enriched with video animation of its relief.


As part of the anniversary of the Peasant Revolt event organized by the Tourist Board of Donja Stubica and Gornja Stubica, the Museum of Peasant Revolts has decided to open an exhibition called Franjo Tahy and Tahy's Town. As one of the main parts of the exhibition, the Museum decided to add a new dimension to the tombstone of Franjo Tahy and, for a moment, revive his figure.


The main challenge of this project was to implement a graphic solution based on the tombstone relief template and make the relief come to life.

Our approach

The idea was to make an animation and audio production that will be shown as part of the exhibition through a video projection at the Museum of Peasant Revolts. Our goal was to modernize the museum exhibit for the purpose of democratizing the narrative in order to preserve the knowledge and value of the historical heritage.


A video recording of the relief animation by Franjo Tahy was delivered as a part of the exhibition. Using authentic audio and video material and animation of head movements, Franjo Tahy was embodied by the famous academic actor Amar Bukvić via an epitaph written by Tahy himself.