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Outdoor interactive multimedia totems on the Adriatic islands

Croatian islands, peculiar due to their number and diversity, are like Mediterranean pearls on a necklace that decorates the Adriatic coast, and discovering their countless secrets is the dream of every lover of untouched nature, rich heritage, and delicious gastronomy. Therefore, the cities and tourist boards of the Adriatic islands of Vis, Pag, Korčula and Mljet have launched an initiative to improve their tourist information offer for the unique promotion of certain elements of the tourist destination. The result of that initiative was the installation of interactive multimedia totems that provide all essential information about the place itself and offer various entertainment content in the form of modern applications.

Interactive totems are located in attractive and well-known locations on the islands which hold tradition and historical significance. These are places that live during the day as a meeting place for people eager to see the beauty of the destination, or in the evenings where they become places for various cultural and entertainment events such as concerts, band performances and the like. Placing totems in these well-known locations is the best way to present visitors with the offer and information about the beautiful pearl necklace of islands that decorates the Adriatic coast.


Cities and tourist boards of numerous Adriatic islands have decided to initiate a project that will improve the quality of the island's tourist offer through multimedia. Our contribution to the project was the creation and installation of outdoor interactive multimedia kiosks for visitors and citizens, together with interactive applications and content.


Deliver a high-quality, visually impressive and at the same time cost-effective solution of multimedia totems that will be well noticed and accepted by visitors as well as by the tourist board and its partners, local suppliers, restaurateurs, etc. Because of the specific installation location and environment, outdoor units must be resistant to all microclimatic conditions with special emphasis on wind and salt.

Our approach

The solution needs to be equipped with a set of centrally managed multimedia applications, and in the creative part of the project it was necessary to study the tourist offers of the cities of the islands of Vis, Pag, Korčula and Mljet, develop visual content and design user interfaces.


With the application of our products: PandoPad® Manager, PandoPad® Applications and PandoPad® TOTEM, all interactive services necessary for information, entertainment and advertising have been implemented.