Privredna Banka Zagreb (Commercial Bank of Zagreb), a member of Intesa Sanpaolo group Financial Services

Multimedia system for student zones in PBZ bank branches

In order to make banking activities as simple as possible for students, Privredna banka Zagreb (PBZ) has formed student zones in selected branches. Branches with a student zone differ from regular branches because part of their space is designed as a "living room for students" and is modernly decorated. As part of decorating student zones, an interactive kiosk, an interactive info window, and interactive floor and wall projection have been set up.

PBZ is focused on providing modern forms of banking activites and new innovative solutions, thus justifying the image of a dynamic and modern European bank. Therefore, decorating selected branches for students is part of a strategy to improve bank offers and banking experience to its clients. This type of branch will serve as a relaxing place where students can comfortably sit in couches and drink coffee, read free magazines, browse the Internet for free, and learn more about banking services.


PBZ has formed student zones in selected branches where students will be able to spend their free time and find out all the information about banking services. The task of this project was to transform a classic bank branch into an interactive multimedia branch for students.


The big challenge was to bring the world of banking closer to the very sensitive client - students - in a modern way. The idea of ​​the student zone was to enable students to feel comfortable during their stay in the branch and to experience the world of banking through multimedia.

Our approach

The idea was to equip the branch with interactive multimedia solutions that would provide additional information about the banking offer and various advertisements and promotions. Multimedia solutions also needed to be equipped with a package of centrally managed multimedia applications, and in the creative part of the project it was necessary to develop visual content and design user interfaces.


One PandoPad® FLOOR unit located in the PBZ bank branch and one interactive info window using "Touch Foil" technology that turns any glass surface into a touch screen was delivered. An interactive wall and floor projection are set inside the branch office, where visitors interact (play) with the application with body movements. Finally, a PandoPad® Manager system was delivered as a central place to manage all content.