Donja Voća Municipality Tourism

Multimedia solutions with hybrid hologram system for Virtual Zagorje house

As part of the DETOX project, the Municipality of Donja Voća opened a virtual Zagorje house which successfully combines tradition with modern technology and interprets the life of the people of Donja Voća through the past. The old Zagorje ethno house built in 1917 was renovated and its interior is enriched with multimedia content through which visitors can interact and learn about the cultural heritage of the area. As part of the project, numerous activities were carried out to revive the traditional activities of the locals and show life in former homes.

The DETOX project is supported by the European Union and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the Interreg V-A Slovenia-Croatia Cooperation Program. The general goal of the DETOX project is to "detoxify" people overburdened with stress, to actively preserve the ethnological heritage of rural areas, and to promote cross-border sustainable tourism. Numerous activities were carried out in the project, which contributed to the preservation and promotion of the cultural and ethnological heritage of the area.


As part of the DETOX project, the municipality of Donja Voća decided to renovate the old Zagorje ethno house and actively preserve the ethnological heritage of the rural area in a modern way, and include it in sustainable ethno tourism.


The challenge of this project was to create various multimedia solutions that would allow visitors to get familiar with the local customs, dishes, old objects and other authentic cultural heritage of the area.

Our approach

The solution needed to be equipped with a package of centrally managed multimedia applications and in the creative part of the project it was necessary to study the rich ethnological heritage of the rural area, develop visual content and design user interfaces.


A hybrid hologram system with 2D hologram projection and 3D projection mapping on a holo doll. Wall tablets and one PandoPad® WALL 22 ”interactive unit in authentic wooden frames as part of the Virtual Wall of Memory. One interactive table containing the PandoPad® Applications package. An innovative portable virtual reality system for a virtual journey through the region. PandoPad® Manager system as a central place to manage all content.