Krapinsko-zagorska County Tourism

Multimedia solutions for the tourist information center of Krapina-Zagorje County

In order to contribute to the development of tourism, which is also a very important economic activity of the entire county, the Tourist Board of Krapina-Zagorje County has equipped itself with various multimedia solutions, applications and content. The multimedia setup is located in the Tourist Information Center in Roses Designer Outlet, where tourists are able to get a lot of useful information about the Zagorje tourist offer in a fun and modern way. Therefore, tourists will be able to make memories and share them with their loved ones.

The fact that Krapina-Zagorje County is the most successful destination in continental Croatia tells a lot about its tourist offer, the number of tourists staying, and daily tours. In order to promote and share the beauty of this region, the County is constantly developing and contributing to a project called "Fairy Tale in the Palm of Your Hand". Within the project, tourists can explore various destinations and attractions such as spas, castles, Roman roads, agritourism, museums, churches, hiking and biking trails, etc. The main attractions of this region are: untouched nature, rich cultural and historical heritage and gastronomic specialties that make Zagorje a recognizable, unique tourist destination.


Following the guidelines of the county tourism development strategy, the Tourist Board of Krapina-Zagorje County has decided to modernize and digitize the interface through which tourists get information about services, news, events and diverse content of the county. For this purpose, the Tourist Board initiated a project which includes multimedia presentation, development of multimedia solutions, applications and content for the tourist information center in Roses Designer Outlet.


The challenge of this project was to design various multimedia solutions that would expand and digitize content in order to increase the attractiveness of the county's locations while at the same time preserving nature and sustainable development. This initiative includes the development of informative, entertaining content, but also educational content in order to increase the number of visitors, increase economic activities in the area and present Zagorje as a unique tourist destination.

Our approach

Our approach was to develop digital content and equip the tourist information center with various applications that promote certain offers of the area through multimedia. It was also necessary to ensure the attractiveness and functionality of the tourist information center space through internal and external multimedia display, but also to ensure that all content is displayed and managed using our PandoPad® Manager content management system.


As part of the center's external multimedia setup, we provided one PandoPad® Outdoor kiosk made as a Photo Spot unit, and VR (virtual reality) glasses that project themed 360 ° video content. As part of the center's interior layout, we provided two PandoPad® WALL units, one that contains a variety of informative and entertaining applications while the other contains two interactive games that use a camera to control movement. A mobile application (tourist guide) has also been developed that uses AR (augmented reality) to display certain content by scanning QR codes from county tourist maps. Finally, our PandoPad® Manager system as a central place to manage all content and a large package of PandoPad® Applications were delivered.