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Multimedia solutions for The Studio of Antun Augustinčić Gallery

The Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje have realized the project of building a new studio and depot of the Antun Augustinčić Gallery in Klanjec. The idea of the project was to make a new multipurpose space in which the museum depot, restoration, carpentry and photography workshop, space for temporary exhibitions, digital catalog and a multimedia hall will be placed.

The Studio of Antun Augustinčić Gallery offers visitors a unique combination of modern architecture and multimedia content located within the urban environment. The gallery shows the importance of sculpture in art history, but also its sustainable inclusion as part of the tourist offer. Thanks to a modern multimedia setup, a visit to the Gallery Studio turns into an unforgettable experience, both for children and adults.


As part of the project of building a new gallery studio, the Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje decided to educate visitors about the art of sculpturing and show them rich sculptural opus kept in the Klanjec Museum. The aim of the project was to digitalize the content and enable its management through modern technologies.


It was necessary to study the rich sculptural holdings and design a modern, educational and interactive multimedia solution that would allow visitors to learn something about Antun Augustinčić, one of the most important sculptors of Croatian modern art history. It was also necessary to adapt the content for different user groups and allow easy content interoperability.

Our approach

The solution needed to be equipped with a package of centrally managed multimedia applications, and in the creative part of the project it was necessary to develop visual content and design user interfaces. Special emphasis was placed on multi-channel approach (omni-channel) through which the complete gallery holdings are displayed on an interactive kiosk, tablets (via separate application) and website.


Two interactive PandoPad® FLOOR kiosks located in the studio gallery space. Tablets with a gallery guide application which can be used to scan QR codes of all exhibits. A new website was also presented through which visitors can search the entire gallery's holdings. The entire presentation was accompanied by specially made mini-documentary movies and an audio guide within the PandoPad® Applications package. Finally, a PandoPad® Manager system was delivered as a central place for managing all content.