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Multimedia solutions for the Natural History Museum Rijeka

The Natural History Museum Rijeka is one of the partners in the KRASn’KRŠ project, Heritage Protection and Valorisation and the Development of Sustainable Tourism in the Cross-Border Karst Landscape within the Interreg Slovenia-Croatia Cross-Border Cooperation Program. As part of the project activities, the museum is equipped with a package of multimedia solutions that show the geological features of the Rijeka region and allows visitors to access all the information in one place.

The basic goal of the permanent geological museum exhibition is a complete presentation of geological natural features which, by presenting rocks, fossils and minerals, provide a complete picture of the origin of geological structures in the Rijeka area. The project focuses on preservation and valorization of karst heritage, which has not been adequately shown and represented in the exhibition so far. The new multimedia exhibition completes the geological picture of the Rijeka area and provides visitors with a completely new experience.


In order to emphasize preservation and valorization of karst heritage, the Natural History Museum Rijeka has decided to set up a multimedia presentation within the KRASn'KRŠ program.


The main challenge was to design the concept and content of the PandoPad solution that would educate visitors and provide useful information in a multimedia format with its visual identity and interactive content.

Our approach

Based on the approved concept, it is necessary to define the detailed layout and functionality of the multimedia system, specify the necessary equipment, applications and specify the content formats. All visual content was created and a user interface was designed which was later enabled via Pandopad Manager.


A multimedia system for the 3D projection mapping of the relief was delivered, which consists of the relief itself, a touch screen control system, projections from the ceiling to the relief, side projections on the wall and the corresponding sound system. One PandoPad ® FLOOR unit, one PandoPad ® TOTEM unit, and a large package of PandoPad® Applications were delivered. Finally, a PandoPad® Manager CMS was delivered as a central place to manage all content.