Nature Park Papuk Tourism

Multimedia for tourist info center in Papuk Nature Park

The Papuk Nature Park has built the Jankovac Eco-center facility as part of the EU Natura 2000 Integration Project (NIP). With this program, visitors received a newly renovated eco-center that shares many facilities like a souvenir shop and activities like a school in nature.

An interactive presentation of the entire Papuk Nature Park has been done with self-standing units and interactive window installation. The eco-center also completes the tourist offer of Jankovac, as one of the popular excursion sites in the Papuk Nature Park.


JU Papuk Nature Park wanted to show an attractive park-forest area and enrich it with a unique info point such as the Jankovac Eco-center. The objective of this project was to realize an interactive presentation of the park for visitors by combining educational and fun content.


The main challenge was to design the concept and content for our PandoPad solutions that would educate visitors and provide useful information in a multimedia format.

Our approach

The solution needed to be equipped with a package of centrally managed multimedia applications and in the creative part of the project it was necessary to develop visual content and design user interfaces. In this project we only used the standard PandoPad applications PandoPad Desktop, PandoPad AdsHub, PandoPad Gallery, PandoPad eCard, PandoPad Pages, PandoPad Selfie, PandoPad Local Wayfinder, PandoPad Outdoor Wayfinder.


One interactive PandoPad® FLOOR 42” kiosk located in the eco-center space and one interactive info window 32” with a built-in camera that uses "Touch Foil" technology that turns any glass surface into a touch screen. Both installations are designed according with the visual identity of Papuk Nature Park. Finally, a PandoPad® Manager system and a large package of PandoPad® Applications were delivered as a central place to manage all content.