Karlovac County Tourism

Mobile interpretation centers for the project Meeting the River

"Meeting the River" is the name of the Karlovac County project within three cities - Karlovac, Ozalj and Ogulin, and the areas along their rivers. The project initiates the construction of promenades, lookouts, tourist infrastructure and multimedia content, as well as the organization of educational and entertainment workshops. Themed promenades are located on the right bank of the river Korana in Karlovac, on the bank of the river Kupa in Ozalj and in the vicinity of Đula's abyss of the river Dobra in Ogulin, which are all protected by NATURA 2000.

The aim of the project "Meeting the River" is to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and preservation of NATURA 2000 areas along the rivers of Karlovac County. This initiative will be accomplished by increasing the tourist attractiveness of these areas, educating people about biodiversity, and raising awareness about the protected areas. Special emphasis was put on creating educational content with the help of modern technologies and multimedia, which provides visitors a unique opportunity to experience rivers and learn about their biodiversity.


Karlovac County has decided to initiate a project that will improve and preserve the areas of three cities ​​and promote the area in which they are located. Our contribution to the project was the creation and setting up three mobile interpretation centers for visitors as well as an interactive content.


The main challenge was to design the concept and content for our PandoPad solutions that would educate visitors and provide useful information in a multimedia format.

Our approach

We collected biological data ​​of the project area, which is presented on thematic promenades and gives an educational component to the whole setup. Our team created all the visual content and designed a user interface that was later implemented via our Pandopad Manager within the PandoPad ® TOTEM units.


For this project, three PandoPad ® TOTEM units were delivered, and they were placed along thematic promenades. With their unique design, color, and content, they appropriately represent the sustainable goal of the whole project "Meeting the River".