Airport Dubrovnik Transportation

Mobile and tablet application for Dubrovnik airport

Dubrovnik International Airport is a dynamic place, undergoing enormous growth in passenger transit rates over the past few years. The City of Dubrovnik, the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, attracts millions of visitors from all over the world.

Management of Dubrovnik Airport set themselves an ambitious goal – to provide passengers who transit through their airport with services that are at the level of the best offerings in the world. Therefore, a mobile and tablet application was created that contains information about the flight schedule, as well as all other information needed for the plane trip.


A decision was made to implement an application for mobile and tablet devices that will offer passengers a whole range of useful content and services in a simple way.


The main challenge was to design the concept and content of the application that would provide useful information in a multimedia format. In this way, passengers could at any time have an insight into the airline flight schedule (from departure to arrival).

Our approach

It was necessary to connect flight information with an external system and display it in an intuitive way within the application. In the creative part of the project, content was designed, developed, and displayed within the PandoPad mobile and tablet application.


The Dubrovnik Airport application is available to all devices with iOS and Android operating systems and displays content in two languages (Croatian and English). Passengers can use the application before arriving at the airport and at the location. The application allow tracking the arrival and departure of flights, tracking the selected flight, information on how to get to the airport, rules of conduct for passengers, viewing the weather forecast, etc.