Historical and Maritime Museum of Istria Culture and Arts

Interactive wall projection for the House of Frescoes in Draguć

As part of a joint project of the Istrian County and the municipality of Cerovlje called REVITAS II, the House of Frescoes was opened in the old school in Draguć as a separate department in the Historical Maritime Museum of Istria in Pula. The house was planned to be an interpretation center that represents the unique cultural significance of wall painting in Istria and a part of the cultural heritage. The content is designed in such a way that visitors are encouraged to further research various wall paintings all over Istria.

The goal of the REVITAS II project was the revitalization of Istria through the development of sustainable cultural tourism and innovative approaches for the interpretation of cultural heritage. As one of the project partners, the County of Istria has converted the house into a unique center where visitors can directly experience the rich cultural heritage of Istria through innovative and dynamic multimedia interactions, multilingual photomonographs, brochures, etc.


The House of Frescoes was opened in Draguć as the cultural center of wall paintings in Istria. In order to enrich the content and layout of the center, it was necessary to design an interactive presentation that would allow visitors to discover various frescoes throughout history.


The challenge was to deliver a quality and visually impressive solution in the form of an interactive wall projection that will be well noticed and accepted by visitors.

Our approach

When visiting the House of Frescoes, visitors have the opportunity to discover a rich photomonography of various frescoes created in the period from the 9th to the 16th century by moving their hands through an interactive projection on the wall. As visitors move their hands along the wall, parts of the frescoes are revealed.


One motion-controlled interactive wall projection is supplied. Interactive projections are performed by professional projectors and an infrared camera system for motion detection and allow users to become part of an interactive story.