Tourist Board Sveta Nedelja Tourism

Interactive screen for the Tourist Board Sveta Nedelja

As part of the project "Visitor Center of the City of Sveta Nedjelja", the Tourist Board Sveta Nedelja decided to reconstruct the interior of the cultural property Mitnica in Sveta Nedelja. The goal of this project was to create an innovative public space for all citizens and tourists who come to the City of Sveta Nedelja, which has excellent tourist potential due to the city’s cultural and historical sites.

The city of Sveta Nedelja, located at the western gate of Zagreb, is a place rich in culture, sports, tradition and tourist potential. High economic development, entrepreneurial zones, natural beauties, rich cultural and national heritage, and recreational and excursion tourism, are just part of a tourist offer that makes the city a unique place to visit. The opening of the tourist visitor center will further enrich the tourist offer of the City of Sveta Nedelja and will encourage visitors to try the digital interaction with the content.


The Tourist Board of the City of Sveta Nedelja has decided to initiate a project through which the tourist offer of the city will be qualitatively improved. As part of the project, a collection of content has been prepared for digitization and display on a new interactive screen in the center.


Deliver a quality, visually impressive and at the same time cost-effective solution in the form of an interactive screen that will be noticed and accepted by visitors as well as by the tourist community and its partners, local providers, caterers, etc.

Our approach

The solution had to be equipped with a package of centrally managed multimedia applications and in the creative part of the project, it was necessary to study the tourist offer of the City of Sveta Nedelja, develop visual content and design user interfaces.


One PandoPad® GlassDesk unit located on the info desk of the tourist information center has been delivered. Finally, the PandoPad® Manager system and the PandoPad® Applications package were delivered as a central place to manage all content.