HT Eronet Retail solutions

Interactive product catalogue and digital assistant with tariff adviser for HT Eronet

HT Eronet is one of the three leading telecom operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina, all operating with nationwide licence in this very competitive marketplace. HT Eronet offers a full range of fixed and mobile telephony services.

To improve its prospects of winning customers in this fiercely competitive environment HT Eronet embarked on a complete overhaul of its marketing and communications channels, including complete redesign of its web portal.


Objectives were to provide a detailed presentation of their product catalogue, addition of new services, and to ease the burden placed on their sales personnel.


Desing and implementation of fully functional and user friendly application.

Our approach

Creative tasks involved design and creation of content required to present appropriate user interface as well as the content for use in various PandoPad applications.

Applications deployed include PandoPad® Custom Desktop, PandoPad® AdsHub, PandoPad® Smart Products, PandoPad® TELCO Tariff Advisor , PandoPad® eCard/eCoupon, and PandoPad® Pages.


We deployed PandoPad® FLOOR 42LT units in black colour, to blend them with the interior decor of HT Eronet shops and to attract customers’ attention.

They are powered by PandoPad® INTERACTIVE Client, whilst the content is managed through PandoPad® Manager. Only top quality hardware components were used all around.