Public Institution Memorial Center of Homeland War Tourism

Interactive kiosks for the Memorial Center of Homeland War in Vukovar

In order to promote memorial tourism in the City of Vukovar, the Public Institution Memorial Center of the Homeland War in Vukovar was established. The main mission of the institution is to preserve the memory of the Homeland War and the Battle of Vukovar through memorial, educational, scientific, and tourist activities. Therefore, the center decided to set up multimedia kiosks that would preserve the memories of historical events in a special way.

Memorial Center of Homeland War, located in the Barracks of the 204th HV Brigade, takes care of maintaining the memory of the Homeland War, preserving memorial sites and educating students about the historical importance of war events. It also organizes individual visits and group visits, where it is possible to see various exhibitions, battlefield simulations and outdoor exhibits.


Preserving memories is vital to better understand the context of past events and learning from them for the purpose of fighting for human dignity and social justice. Therefore, the Memorial Center of Homeland War decided to set up digital interactive kiosks as an information point for preserving the memory of the Homeland War and the tragedy of Vukovar.


Deliver a quality visually impressive, and at the same time cost-effective solution in the form of interactive kiosks that will be well noticed and accepted by visitors to the memorial center.

Our approach

The solution needed to be equipped with a package of centrally managed multimedia applications, and in the creative part of the project it was necessary to study historical topics, develop visual content and design user interfaces.


With the application of our products: PandoPad® Manager, PandoPad® Applications, PandoPad® FLOOR unit, and PandoPad® TOTEM unit, all interactive services necessary for informing and preserving the memory of historical events have been realized. Two interactive units for indoor use (32") and one for outdoor use (43") were delivered, with an emphasis on custom housing design.