Baredine Cave Tourism

Interactive kiosk for Baredine Cave

Baredine Cave, located only 6 kilometers from Poreč, is open for a tourist visit and can be explored to a depth of 60 meters with a guided entrance. The cave has been known and visited since ancient times, and the first documented research dates back to the beginning of the last century by Trieste speleologists when it was explored to a depth of 80 meters. In order to allow visitors to send a postcard when visiting the cave, an interactive kiosk with an e-card application has been set up on the information desk.

As a speleological object rich in various underground halls and the presence of water that allowed the survival of human fish and other cave fauna, the Baredine Cave is a real natural geomorphological phenomenon. In the early 1990s, concrete work began on its arrangement, and since May 1995, it has been open for tourist visits. The location and surrounding rich prehistoric archaeological sites created the conditions for a better stay of visitors in and around the cave.


Due to its uniqueness, Baredine Cave has been declared a geomorphological natural monument and is presented as a unique tourist attraction in the vicinity of Poreč. In order to further enhance the experience and allow visitors to share unforgettable moments when visiting the cave, it was necessary to set up an interactive kiosk at the information desk.


Since flash photography is not allowed when visiting the cave, it was necessary to devise a solution that would allow visitors to share high-quality, high-resolution images from the site.

Our approach

The solution was realized as an interactive application for sending ePostcards within the PandoPad interactive kiosk. Visitors would buy a code at the information desk (cash register) that they can enter within the application and choose one of the eleven offered postcards and send to their loved ones.


One PandoPad® FLOOR unit is supplied with the addition of an easy-to-move wheels for indoor and outdoor installation. The screen is of the most modern technology, high brightness, and due to its characteristics, it dominates the space. A multilingual PandoPad® eCard application that uses codes as verification to send postcards was also delivered.