Brijuni National Park Tourism

Interactive info window for Brijuni National Park

The "New attire of Brijuni Islands" is the name of the project that initiates the development of tourist infrastructure and tourist offer with the goal of promoting the Brijuni National Park as an unavoidable tourist destination. The general goal of the project is to improve the management of NP Brijuni, following the principles of sustainable use of natural heritage and socio-economic development of the local community. One of the project activities was setting up a new information center with an interactive screen on the Brijuni Islands.

The information center is set on the Friendship Square (Trg prijateljstva) on the island of Veliki Brijun, which also serves as the main place of arrival and departure of visitors from the island and the starting point of all excursion tours around the island. The purpose of setting up an information center at this location is to better inform visitors about all the island's facilities and island tour opportunities. A special emphasis of this center is put on the way of presenting informative content, especially the use of modern technologies and multimedia content, which will provide visitors with a unique opportunity to discover all the charms of NP Brijuni and its biodiversity.


Brijuni National Park has initiated a project through which certain parts of the tourist infrastructure will be reconstructed in order to present new informational and educational content in order to protect and preserve natural and cultural-historical heritage of the National Park. NP Brijuni therefore decided to set up a new information center which will provide the necessary information and sell tickets for the island. The information center will also be equipped with an interactive info screen.


Given the specificity of the location and the role that the new information center has in the presentation of the tourist offer, it was necessary to figure out an innovative way to present the attractions of the Brijuni National Park by interacting with the content. Since most visitors spend time exploring the diverse nature and beauty of the park, it made sense to set up an interactive info window solution that can be seen from the outside of the information center and can be easily noticed and accepted by visitors.

Our approach

Data on natural and cultural-historical values ​​of the project area were collected, which gave the interactive info window not only an informative, but also an educational and interactive component. All visual content was created, and a user interface was carefully designed. Finally, the content was managed via PandoPad Manager within an interactive info window.


One interactive info window with a built-in camera that uses "Touch Foil" technology that turns any glass surface into a touch screen, making it an ideal choice for interactive windows that can be easily seen by visitors. Although the complete installation is made from the inside of the information center, touch applications can be accessed through the protective glass. Finally, a PandoPad® Manager system and a large package of PandoPad® Applications were delivered as a central place to manage all content.