A.B.S. Retail solutions

Interactive digital signage solution that facilitates product promotion

A.B.S. is a leading manufacturer of doors and windows who pride themselves on their modern designs. As a part of their product marketing they often participate in trade shows across Europe.

Showing their full range of products is difficult at such events, due to space limitations and/or prohibitive costs. Printed catalogues are not an ideal solution for them because it is difficult, and expensive, to keep them up to date with continuous product developments.

Our approach

Creative tasks involved design and creation of content required to present appropriate user interface as well as the content for use in various PandoPad applications. PandoPad® Custom Desktop was adapted to suit the client, a major change beeing to embed video.

The final part of the solution was inclusion of a special “energy efficiency calculator” application that provided estimates based on door/window selection.


We deployed PandoPad® FLOOR 42LT units in black colour. They are powered by PandoPad® INTERACTIVE, whilst the content is managed through PandoPad® Manager. Only top quality hardware components were used all around.