Čigota Healthcare

Interactive applications for the special hospital Čigota Zlatibor

The special hospital Čigota, located on Zlatibor, specializes in thyroid and metabolic diseases, which in addition to health services, also offers wellness services. In order for the hospital to provide its patients with all the necessary information about various health and wellness programs, a decision was made to implement interactive applications in the hospital premises.

The special hospital Čigota offers several types of health and recreational programs and provides professional diagnosis for thyroid pathology quickly and efficiently. The hospital also has a Relax Center with swimming pool, saunas and hydro massages. In addition to the professional medical department, the hospital also has a hotel which provides accommodation to those who want to relax and experience beauties of the region.


In order to provide all the necessary information to its patients with various health services, Čigota Hospital has decided to implement interactive applications in the hospital premises.


To deliver a quality, visually impressive, and at the same time cost-effective solution in the form of interactive applications that will be well noticed and accepted by the patients of Čigota Hospital.

Our approach

The solution needed to be equipped with a package of centrally managed multimedia applications and in the creative part of the project it was necessary to study the hospital structure, departments and services, develop visual content and design user interfaces.


With the application of our products: PandoPad® Manager and PandoPad® Applications, all interactive services necessary for information and navigation in the premises of Čigota Hospital have been realized.