HRK 600,000.00 of the Ministry of Tourism for the project “Centre for visitors to the City of Sveta Nedelja” in the building of the cultural property Mitnica!

The town of Sveta Nedelja submitted the project application “Centre for visitors of the City of Sveta Nedelja” at the public invitation of the Ministry of Tourism to grant grants based on the programme for development of public tourism infrastructure.



The above-mentioned project refers to the adaptation and reconstruction within the Mitnica Cultural property building in Sveta Nedelja. After the project was submitted in the first round of selection, on 12 November 2015 representatives of the town of Sveti Nedelja held a presentation of the project at the said Ministry. On 14 April 2016, the Ministry of Tourism adopted The 2nd Decision on the selection of projects and grants based on the programme for development of public tourism infrastructure in 2015, by which the City of Sveta Nedelja received HRK 600,000.00 for co-financing the construction for the project “Centre for visitors of the City of Sveta Nedelja”. According to the aforementioned Decision, only 19 projects received financial support. The highest amount for its project was received by Paklenica National Park in the amount of HRK 800,000.00, and right behind it was the town of Sveta Nedelja with support in the amount of HRK 600,000.00.

To recall, the reconstruction and restoration of the Mitnica building has already commenced, and the completion of operations is scheduled for the end of 2016. The total value of the building's adaptation and reconstruction works, including the implementation of the project “Centre for visitors”, amounts to HRK 2,000,000.00 plus VAT. Technical documentation for the adaptation and reconstruction of the Mitnica building was prepared by Tehno zone d.o.o. company from Zagreb, the interior performance project was prepared by Cigla Arhitektura j.d.o.o. company from Sveta Nedelja, while the works are performed by the company spectrum Gradnja d.o.o. from Zagreb. The supervision is the responsibility of the company Bau-Tajl Inženjering d.o.o. from Zagreb.

Works are under way to make the ground floor of Mitnica a Centre for visitors to the town of Sveta Nedelja, while the Tourist Board of the town of Sveta Nedelja will be located on the first floor. The Centre for visitors on the ground floor contains a space for providing information and education to visitors – info desk with interactive table (implementation of interactive display PandoPad). PandoPad is a unique modern DOO (Digital out of home) interactive Digital signage solution for entertainment, information, communication and advertising in areas accessible to the public. What separates PandoPad from other similar solutions is primarily its way of interacting with the user. PandoPad application will present the entire tourist offer of the town of Sveta Nedelja: current events, map of the town of Sveta Nedelja, maps of walking paths, maps of bike routes, excursions, accommodation, gastronomic offer, cultural and historical sights, active holidays, fishing, etc. Each category contains a detailed overview and description with attractive photographs/video. PandoPad will also be used for sending e-postcards and presenting promotional online brochures. Pandopad will be adapted to attractive facilities for children: presentation of tourist attractions through play (coloring, puzzles and memory).

The premises of the visitors' Center will also include the Souvenir shop where the promotion, presentation and sale of souvenirs of local producers and surroundings will take place (Local action group “LAG Sava” and Zagreb County).

The aim of this project is to create a dynamic new public space for all citizens and tourists who come to the town of Sveta Nedelja, and because of its particular cultural and historical sites and plenty of natural tourism resources it has excellent tourism potential, which is of particular importance for the town itself. The opening of the visitors' Center will further enrich the tourist offer of the town of Sveta Nedelja and attract a larger number of tourists, which will lead to an increase in tourist consumption as well as the creation of new jobs. The visitors' centre will become a place to inform visitors about the area they visit and a place where the guest is welcomed and shows concern about his stay in the destination.