DiSiCon Best Multimedia Kiosk Design Award

PandoPad won the prestigious DiSiCon Award for the best design in the category



The Digital Signage Conference jury awarded PandoPad digital digital kiosks with the award for the best design in the Digital Signage category.

Originally made in their own design studio, PandoPad multimedia kiosks offer a unique combination of the product design and the set of applications. From the simple and very elegant lines, colours, responsiveness, compactness, and all the way to security features and accessibility, PandoPad is absolutely unique.

PandoPad gamma covers indoor and outdoor installation solutions, various dimensions and specialist applications (for children, for people with disabilities). PandoPad kiosks are present in many locations, ranging from city streets and squares, airports and shopping centres, hotel lobbies, tourist centres, museums, galleries and nature parks.