Chivas Retail solutions

Chivas interactive presentation with game for airports

“Honour at Sea” campaign aligned the exuberant luxury, brotherhood, camaraderie and chivalry of Chivas with the premium sport of yacht racing.

To encourage interaction with the brand, we were approached to develop an interactive sailing simulator game featuring the Antigua Racecourse.


Chivas spirits maker has created a live event campaign called "Chivas interactive sailing expirience".

The idea is to get users accustomed to the Chivas showroom, and through interaction (play) to get acquainted with the brand and core values, and ultimately to leave their information.


The challenge was: to attract the user, to bring him into the game, to pick up contact information. The technical background of the whole story also had to be enabled. Since the event itself was from different countries and was performed by various local agencies. At the end of the event, a market segmented database had to be created.

Our approach

For starters, we've partnered with Cubo on the creative part and the user interface. After the design of the application and the game itself were done, we made the development of both parts and the background application.


The whole project was made in a record 60 days, which is to create interactive games and applications, in a very short time from sketch to deployment.

Client satisfied. And the pictures speak more than words :)