adidas Retail solutions

Centrally managed interactive digital signage for adidas stores branding

In order to properly communicate marketing messages, distribute the content much faster, and display more information on the spot, adidas has decided to set up an interactive digital signage in branded stores in Zagreb and Split. Once static content from various posters, billboards, or inscriptions has been turned into digital displays that attract and engage users with their dynamism.

The adidas brand has a long history and a deep-rooted connection to the sport that defines the brand itself. Adidas' mission and vision stem from a constant search for innovation, as well as decades of accumulating expertise in sports, and providing service to everyone, from elite professional athletes and teams to anyone who wants to make sport a part of their lives. That is why the installation of a digital signage solution enables this brand to show their impact on the world of sports in a modern way.


Adidas has decided to set up interactive digital signage screens within stores in Zagreb and Split in order to promote the brand and present current campaigns, advertisements, etc. in an interactive and non-interactive format. Adidas also needed a high-quality and centrally manageable interactive digital signage management system to support large-format screens, and allow these screens to be linked in various formats (e.g. video wall). In addition to the non-interactive digital signage, an interactive kiosk with different interactive applications was also needed.


Deliver a quality, visually impressive, and at the same time cost-effective digital signage solution that will be well noticed and accepted by shoppers in the stores in which it is located.

Our approach

In the creative part of the project, it was necessary to customize the visual content of the user interface, prepare the installation, and set up of PandoPad units in branded adidas stores. Due to the position of the digital signage in a store, it was necessary to ensure the attractiveness and functionality, but also to ensure that all content was easily prepared and published using our PandoPad® Manager system.


PandoPad® WALL non-interactive screens (single and video wall) for displaying video, animation and image content, PandoPad® WALL interactive screen, PandoPad® Manager and PandoPad® Applications are supplied.