The Jet Business Retail solutions

8m Video Wall

One of a few great projects we completed for The Jet Business. Having freedom in production allows ideas and creativity to really take place and makes the project really enjoyable.

Our relationship with The Jet Business started with discussions with the client, showing portfolio work, our project proposal and ideas.


We were approached by The Jet Business to be part of creation of the 1st ever street-level corporate aviation showroom. Our contribution to this creation was content creation, production and delivery for different technology throughout the showroom.


Challenge of this project was to create complex video production that was as realistic as possible to life like models and environments .To add to this challenge not only did the complex video production need to be perfect but the content was designed for a bespoke size (32:9) video wall that in its ratio oversees the HD (16:9) content and standard HD production.

Our approach

The key feature of the show room is the video wall, its presence creates the main focal point.

It was crucial that the content created for the video wall was perfect and realistic, we made sure every scene was true and each scene flowed seamlessly into the next.


Complete content was created from scratch, from 3D models of all the jets to each individual 3D animation, all the way through the finest details such as clouds, runways and jet flights.
Complexity of CGI in this project was not only in a great detail but in accuracy of creating most realistic look, feel and behaviour.