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3D projection mapping for the Museums of Hrvatsko zagorje - Veliki Tabor

Visitors of Veliki Tabor Castle have the opportunity to experience the legend of Veronika Desinićka through a series of colorful 3D content projected on the architectural expression of the castle, transforming it into a unique magical world newly shaped by a mixture of modern technology and travel in the time of former aristocratic life.

The Legend of Veronika Desinićka is a centuries-old legend about the passionate but forbidden love of Veronika, a beautiful Croatian woman who lived in the 15th century in the village of Desinić at the foot of Veliki Tabor, and the young Count Fridrih, son of the powerful nobleman Count Herman II. Celjski. The 3D projection shows the story of unrequited love in a creative way, and a special detail is given by the display of content on the courtyard verticals of the castle itself in a explosion of color, movement, and a sound that emphasizes the emotion of this tragic love.


In order to tell the story of Veronika Desinička in the most modern way possible, the Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje have decided to use the architecture of the Veliki Tabor castle as a basis for the projection of multimedia content. Our contribution to this project was the creation and installation of a projector system to display 3D mapping, the creation of content for projection, and the final adjustment of the entire system in the castle space.


Appropriate and high quality equipment and software are required for quality 3D mapping. The technique of the projection itself is simple in theory: the projector system projects video animation on a certain surface. But in practice, it is much more complicated. Regardless of the quality of the animation, if the projection is not adjusted to the dimensions, color, texture and other characteristics of the surface, the image will not fit and the desired effect will be absent.

Our approach

The most interesting and creative part is matching the projection on the specific architecture of the castle. The Castle of Veliki Tabor is exceptional because of its monumental and authentic fortification architecture, and through the play of colors and light, each pillar, arch, fence, and castle window played an important role in telling the story and building on the excitement of the entire projection.


For projection purposes, two PandoPad 3D projector systems positioned on the castle’s fixed fences are supplied. As the installation was external within the preserved space, the housings of these projectors are made of quality materials and are also weather resistant.