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3D projection mapping for the City of Buzet – Petrapilosa castle

Petrapilosa Castle, a thousand year old medieval castle located on a cliff above the valley of the river Bračana, has been reconstructed and is open to the general public. As part of the project's innovative approach and with the help of collected and produced digital content about its history, the castle has become richer for a new multimedia presentation.

Throughout history, Petrapilosa was primarily a military fortress in which feudal lords and soldiers were housed. It was abandoned after a great fire 300 years ago and was never rebuilt later. Today, completely adapted for visitors, this castle stands proudly on a high cliff and tells history in a very interesting way. The interesting fact is that the castle is popularly known as a "hairy castle" and a "hairy city", and the reason for the unusual names lies in the dense vegetation that surrounds it, but also "springs" from its walls.


In order to enhance the cultural identity and historical heritage, the city of Buzet has decided to reconstruct and revitalize the abandoned Petrapilosa Castle as a tourist destination. One of our solutions that we delivered as part of this extensive project was the design and installation of a projector system to display 3D mapping and create immersive content for projection.


The challenge was to create a unique experience with numerous historical facts and legends, which would be displayed on the biggest wall in the castle. Therefore, it was necessary to carry out the outdoor installation as a permanent installation resistant to weather condition and vandalism, synchronize the projection of the two systems and make fine adjustments to adapt to the natural substrate.

Our approach

For the creative part of the project, we studied the history of the Petrapilosa castle and developed the content that implements the user interface that is displayed within our 3D mapping projection. Thus, when visiting the castle at night, visitors have the opportunity to discover the history of this magical castle, and maybe even see a dragon!


For projection purposes, a PandoPad 3D projector system positioned on the castle’s stone was supplied. As the installation was external within the preserved space, the housings of these projectors are made of quality materials and are also weather resistant.