Modern Touristic info center presented in Zadar

The city of Zadar as a tourist center of Adriatic sea is experiencing a great increase of guests who are in need for quality and timely information.



With this multimedia project, we have achieved exactly that. In a interactive and educational way, we have combined the beauty of Zadar and modern sophisticated PandoPad system of units and solutions to bring information to tourist about destinations and services that is offering Zadar.

The tourist informative center is located in most beautiful and most representative part of the Cedulin palace from 13th century which is protected cultural good. The palace itself is located at the entrance in the historical core of Zadar. After the implementation of PandoPad system, the tourist informative center represents central place for managing all tourist activities, from promotion and presenting tourist content to improving the tourist quality for Zadar and Zadar county.


In the creative part of the project it was neccesary to develop graphic content for user interface and to implement it with Tourist organization of Zadar.

Project is realized with the use of standard PandoPad applications PandoPad eCard/eCoupon, PandoPad Call2Touch, PandoPad Desktop, PandoPad eCard Selfie, PandoPad Gallery, PandoPad Pages, PandoPad Local Wayfinder, PandoPad Outdoor Wayfinder.

The project is realized multilingual.

Technical Solution

For the purpose of this project we deployed various PandoPad units such as PandoPad VideoWall, PandoPad Projection, PandoPad Wall 42“ and PandoPad GlassDesk.