PandoPad® KIDS BOX 22LT

  • Elegant and compact freestanding cabinet
  • Indoor
  • Choice of colours
  • Clean lines design, suitable for rebranding
  • Touch screen, landscape orientation
  • Designed for children

First View

  • 22" touch screen
  • freestanding unit
  • embedded CPU


  • diagonal size: 22" (55cm)
  • display frame: 51 x 30 cm
  • resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • 16.6 million colours
  • landscape orientation


  • Touch sensitive screen
  • "Smart Touch" technology provides precision and smooth user interface through natural actions 


  • Intel processor for smooth and optimal performance
  • Microsoft Windows® operating system
  • optional:  uninterruptible power supply
  • optional: wireless network connection


  • natural ventilation (noiseless)
  • service port for easy access
  • adjustable non-slipping legs or (optional) rollers

Schematic Diagram and Dimensions

  • width:  60cm
  • depth: 80cm
  • height: 80cm
  • weight (approx.): 15kg


Modern cabinet, attractive design, suited for indoor installations. Made of cold pressed steel coated in white or black plastic. Customer can specify other colours for plastic coating, or standard or metallic paint, or gold or silver imitation coating, or have it completely covered by a plastic foil. Spacious design provides for a simple fitout of all hardware components. 


Easy to access and secure service port. The port is divided in two parts – quick access (for service) and full access for replacement/fitout of hardware components. All wiring and connections are inside the cabinet and are protected from unwanted access by a lock. Service and installation ports are located at the back of the cabinet, hidden from user’s view.


When designing the cabinet special attention was given to make it suitable for access and use by children.

  • Privredna Banka Zagreb (Commercial Bank of Zagreb), a member of Intesa Sanpaolo group
  • City of Rijeka
  • Apriori
  • Abbey Digital
  • Grad Kutina