TZ Šibenik Tourism

Interactive multimedia presentation of Šibenik tourist Board

Sibenik stands out from all the Croatian towns on the Adriatic sea, with a unique position in a picturesque and spacious bay at the embouchure of the river Krka, and is therefore extremely interesting to many tourists.

Not surprisingly, the city of Šibenik has decided to build a new tourist information center on the Šibenik riviera. As part of the construction, the use of an interactive kiosk is delivered to provide the tourists with the necessary information and to stimulate the various types of interactions and research of the rich cultural heritage of Sibenik.


For the needs of the project, digital content has been adapted as part of the user interface design and implemented with the systems of the Tourist Board Sibenik.


Desing i implementation of appropriate interactive application with corresponding and visually pleasing user interface.

Our approach

The applications provided are hosting PandoPad Manager, as well as standard PandoPad applications PandoPad Desktop, PandoPad Local Wayfinder, PandoPad Outdoor Wayfinder, PandoPad eCard, PandoPad eCard Selfie, PandoPad Gallery, PandoPad Pages, PandoPad Call2Touch, PandoPad AdsHub.


A PandoPad Floor 32LT unit was delivered to the City of Šibenik Tourist Information Center.