PandoPad for Kid's Corners and Lounges

Interactive Digital Signage Solution for Child Entertainment


Wherever adults have to wait in queues for services, or are preoccupied by some other activity, and have children with them, those children need to be entertained to “keep them at bay”. A common solution to this problem, deployed in shopping centres, airports, hotels, banks, and other such public spaces is a “Kids’ Corner”, or a playground. A space is set aside, dedicated to kids, as a playground where 

they can entertain themselves, so they do not disrupt adults who are doing what they came there to do. This is particularly relevant for the youngest of children. When equipping such playgrounds with toys and equipment important considerations are safety and attractiveness of toys to children. PandoPad® KIDS is a perfect addition to such playgrounds.


  • Entertaining and educational
  • Intuitive and easy to play games
  • Satisfied parents and happy children
  • Possibility of real time adaptation to suit changing requirements
  • Central management


More then a game

Besides games, PandoPad® KIDS can provide a range of other content relevant to children. For example, PandoPad® Pages may be deployed to provide story books; PandoPad® eCard/eCoupon to allow kids to send postcards; PandoPad® Gallery to let them view pictures and photos.

Children love PandoPad

Children simply adore PandoPad. Undoubtedly, our emblem – Panda bear – has something to do with it!  Also our games. Wherever there is a PandoPad® KIDS there is a crowd of children around it. So make sure you deploy enough of them.

PandoPad is Unique

  • Attractive design and branding
  • Touch sensitive user interface
  • Quick and smooth transition between scenes
  • Flexible and fluid sensation when using the screen
  • All PandoPad user interface functions are logical and intuitive to everyone

PandoPad Platform

PandoPad platform unifies software and hardware into a single whole. The goal was to create a unique system that will meet the most demanding challenges in the digital signage field, yet provide a reliable platform for digital signage communications. PandoPad platform can easily be integrated with external third party systems.


PandoPad Units

Our elegant cabinets can be adapted to match any space or visual branding standards, quickly attracting customer attention. Whilst designing our cabinets we paid special attention to ensure they can easily be accessed by all kinds of users.

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PandoPad® Manager

PandoPad® Manager is an advanced content management system. It is designed for use by a person, or a team, that is responsible for content management. It can easily be used by people with marketing and creative design backgrounds.

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