Interactive digital signage solution for presentation of daily excursions offered by a travel agency

Applicon Tours in Tourism and Hospitality

Applicon Tours is a leading travel agency in Dubrovnik which offers visitors a number of daily sightseeing trips and excursions. To better advertise their services to tourists who visit Dubrovnik the agency decided to implement an interactive digital signage solution that will be deployed at various point of sales locations dotted around the city. An important requirement was that the physical footprint of the unit must not be big, as those outlets where it was to be deployed are generally pretty small, and that it must blend with the interior decor of those outlets. Of course, the units must be modern in looks and its user interface must be intuitive.


We developed all digital content to match the customer’s visual branding standards. Trips and excursions were presented through PandoPad® Smart Products application. Other applications deployed included PandoPad® AdsHub to displays content that calls to action when no one is interacting with PandoPad.

Technical Solution

We deployed PandoPad® FLOOR 22LT units in white colour and covered with foils to blend them with Agency’s visual standard. They are powered by PandoPad® INTERACTIVE, whilst the content is managed through PandoPad® Manager. Only top quality hardware components were used all around.

Presentation of a excursion on PandoPad.

PandoPad® AdsHub in action.

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