People of Rijeka now have the most advanced digital signage solution that will make access to municipal services even easier

City of Rijeka in Public Services and Administration

The City of Rijeka is one of the most progressive European cities when it comes to deployment of digital services and information dissemination to its people, so it is included in the European SEED project – Speeding “Every European Digital”. The target of SEED is to expand, through the “cloud computing” approach and a network of Interactive Public Service Advertising (i-PSA) nodes, the positive results of European Inclusive e-Governance initiatives to boost “citizen-centric” e-Gov Services. PandoPads are some of the nodes in the i-PSA network.

PandoPad® FLOOR 42LT is very attractive and prominent in locations where it is deployed.

City guide includes all municipal outlets, cultural, sporting, educational and other such venues. It also shows locations and status of public works that are in progress.


Creative tasks involved design and creation of content required to present appropriate user interface as well as the content for use in various PandoPad applications. PandoPad had to be integrated with a central carousel system that broadcasts the content which is then presented through the user interface provided by PandoPad® Custom Desktop.

Other applications deployed include PandoPad® AdsHub, PandoPad® eCard/eCoupon, PandoPad® Pages and PandoPad® Outdoor Way Finder which provides a unique city guide. 

Technical Solution

We deployed PandoPad® FLOOR 42LT units in black colour, to blend them with the interior decor of locations where they are deployed and to attract customers’ attention.

They are powered by PandoPad® INTERACTIVE, whilst the content is managed through PandoPad® Manager. Only top quality hardware components were used all around.

  • Place2Go
  • Applicon Tours
  • Betallo
  • new europe market
  • TZ Šibenik
  • COTRUGLI World Business Museum