Student services in a modern educational institution

Nottingham Business School in Education

Nottingham Business School is a part of the Nottingham Trent University. It has over 5,000 students enrolled and it prides itself on its focus to providing a stimulating learning environment to its students and on practical experiences from real world. So it is not surprising then that this school was amongst the first to provide its students with the most advanced services based on an interactive digital signage solution. The management decided to implement an information platform that will be easily accessible to all students, so that no student can say that they had no way of knowing something they were supposed to know. They focused on the three key categories of “I did not know...” excuses. The first category contains school curriculum and communications with lecturers. The second and the third categories deal with information about jobs on offer (post-graduation) to students in domestic and international markets respectively.

The source of interactions of Nottingham Business School students with PandoPad.

International jobs on offer.

Informing colleagues about an interesting opportunity, using email and virtual keyboard.

Specially designed PandoPad® FLOOR 55LT units.


When we undertook this project we knew we would have to excel and exceed our previous achievements. The user interface foundation was our PandoPad® Custom Desktop application that had to be significantly adapted to suit the project requirements. The outcome delighted our customer and made us proud.

Creative tasks involved design and creation of content required to present appropriate user interface as well as the content for use in various PandoPad applications. Also, PandoPad had to be integrated with existing CMS applications.

Technical Solution

We deployed PandoPad® FLOOR 55LT units in white colour. They were deployed as a cluster of three units made to look as a single device. Consequently, the cabinet exterior were covered with decorative foil.

They are powered by PandoPad® INTERACTIVE, whilst the content is managed through PandoPad® Manager

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