Development of a thematic game for an alcoholic beverages producer

Chivas in Product Marketing

Chivas is a famous Scottish whisky producer, dating back to 1801, known to everyone. Some time ago Chivas started Chivas Chivalry marketing campaign that involves live events dubbed “Chivas Interactive Sailing Experience”. The objective was to attract customers into Chivas’ exhibition area to introduce them to their brand and to entice them to provide their personal information through a game. The main challenge was to entice people to play the game. So the game had to be inviting, through an exceptional graphic user interface, and all of it incorporated into an attractively presented Chivas’ exhibition booth designed as a ship’s command deck. The requirement was also to provide support for the campaign in largest European airports.

Entry of personal information at the start of the game.

Sailing the boat around Caribbean island.

The critical dilemma presented in the game – to stop and help someone in emergency or to ignore them and continue sailing towards the finish line!


Base on PandoPad® FUN we created a game that simulated sailing around Caribbean islands. A special user interface was designed matching Chivas’ corporate standards. We also developed both the front and back end applications, and the database, that were required to support the game, to process information and results, to manage the leader board and to declare the winner of the competition, and to provide reports that provided market information by region. 

Technical Solution

Screen sizes ranging from 22” to 46” were tested and deployed as the front end, depending on location. The back end was implemented based on PandoPad® Manager

  • City of Rijeka
  • Airport Dubrovnik
  • Nottingham Business School
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