Interactive presentations, entertainment and communication services in the Museum

Etnografski muzej Zagreb in Culture and Arts

The aim of this project was to implement an interactive presentation of the Exhibition on supernatural beings of the Podravina Region.
Set of the museum is extremely consistent designed with specially designed visual identity of the exhibition, whose graphic elements used in the preparation of interactive presentations. The goal of interaction was to offer visitors the opportunity meet with the exhibition, the review of digital publications, and education through entertainment.


In the creative part of the project it was necessary to develop a graphical user interface content, and design application PandoPad use in the presentation of the exhibition, and the realization of entertainment and communication services.Standard PandoPad applications were used,  PandoPad Desktop, PandoPad eCard, PandoPad Pages, PandoPad Quiz, PandoPad Coloring Book, PandoPad Puzzle.

Technical Solution

For the purpose of the exhibition it was realized rent detached mobile PandoPad units (PandoPad Floor42LT). 

PandoPad Floor 42LT at the Ethnographic Museum.

Few details from the user applications on interactive digital signage system PandoPad.

PandoPad Quiz with questions related to the exhibition.

Administration of content in PandoPad Manager.

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