The interactive system in a restaurant

Copacabana in Tourism and Hospitality

The goal of this project was to implement an interactive presentation of the restaurant and its offers, and enable communication with the guests.


In the creative part of the project it was necessary to develop a graphical user interface facilities, to design installation using PandoPad applications in the presentation of restaurant and two-way communication with the guests. Standard PandoPad applications were used: PandoPad Desktop, PandoPad AdsHub, PandoPad Gallery, PandoPad eCard, PandoPad Pages, PandoPad Smart Products, PandoPad Customer Feedback, PandoPad Loyalty. The implementation of the project was multilingual.

Technical Solution

The system is realized with mobile PandoPad units (PandoPad Floor 32LT) which allows the restaurant to place the unit inside or on the terrace depending on the weather conditions and season. All Floor units have the graphic foil in accordance with the visual identity of the restaurant.

PandoPad Desktop.

PandoPad Pages.

PandoPad Loyalty for Copacabana restaurant.

PandoPad Manager.

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