Planning, design and implementation of interactive multimedia system

Čigota in Healthcare

Čigota is a hospital specialized for thyroid diseases and metabolism, which in addition to health care, also offers tourist services. The aim of this project was to implement an interactive presentation of Čigota and establish two-way communication with its visitors.


In the creative part of the project it was necessary to develop a graphical user interface facilities, to design installation and use PandoPad applications in the presentation and implementation of communication services. Standard PandoPad applications were used: PandoPad Desktop, PandoPad AdsHub, PandoPad Gallery, PandoPad eCard, PandoPad Pages.

Technical Solution

Project implementation requirements are met by mobile PandoPad units from PandoPad Floor line. This solution allows the client flexibility in accommodation units in the area. PandoPad Floor is optimal for use for people with disabilities.

PandoPad Desktop for Čigota.

Few details from the user applications on interactive digital signage system PandoPad.

Administration of content through PandoPad Manager

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