Presenting new PandoPad

PandoPad revolutionises application of digital interactions in public places.

On Friday, 23 November 2012, a new PandoPad product line was released.

New PandoPad comes with new user interface design in all PandoPad applications. The first thing that everyone will notice is a soft home button that enables a user to return to PandoPad® Desktop at any time from any application. PandoPad today also presented few new applications including PandoPad® Shop Window, which provides dynamic display of products and prices, and PandoPad® Hotel Guest Service, which promotes and facilitates upsell of additional services. Other applications also underwent significant changes. PandoPad® eCard/eCoupon now supports QR codes. PandoPad® Pages, application that enables browsing of digital publications, now has a “book shelf” from which it is now possible to select a publication.

PandoPad® FUN edition, dedicated to games and entertainment, now has a new cabinet and comes with a package of three games, which PandoPad clients can brand as they wish.

PandoPad® Manager, the application that manages the content published on PandoPad units, can now also be deployed on a local server, in addition to previously provided hosted service option.  Administration interface has been enhanced and several new features have been added which include support for zones and a new scheduler for content broadcast.

The range of PandoPad units options has been expanded too. PandoPad® FLOOR range has been expanded with inclusion of 22” model. Also, all new non-interactive PandoPad® WALL frame is now offered for wall mounted Digital Signage.

Besides pure white and black colours, PandoPad units are offered with a range of finish options including plastic coating, standard or metallic paint, gold and silver imitation, and application of special films on all surfaces that enable branding or blending the unit with the surrounds.

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