Meeting curiosity, sharing beauty.

The title was the slogan of our very first PandoPad. That’s how we started. Poetically and inspired.

Although it may sound a bit simplistic, this is the most complex question of design of a interactive digital signage system. Will people want to use it?  Will they use it in a way similar to the way they use tablet PCs?  How will it be used by people who do not use tablets?


The task is to:

1. Attract attention

2. Call to action

3. Fulfil expectations

PandoPad purpose is to connect. We want to show people things and places. Stimulate them to explore. With PandoPad that is easy and simple, regardless of what new environment you find yourself in. With PandoPad information is, literally, an arm length away.

Curiosity is the engine of the human soul. That is what makes us human. Curiosity is, fortunately, without bounds. What is on offer in shops in a shopping centre you entered into for the first time?  When exactly will the plane that carries your family land?  PandoPad is made to answer your questions.

Information is the currency of the modern world. Information is not to be kept to oneself. It is to be shared with those we care about. PandoPad helps you with that too, in the most entertaining way you will come across. You would like to send a postcard to your friend?  Or information about some discount?  With PandoPad that’s easy and simple, like it was never before.

The beauty of PandoPad design is not superficial. It permeates down to details that you would have not thought of at first. Each PandoPad is designed to be equally usable by a child, by a person in a wheelchair, and by a basketballer who just landed and wants to check what is where.

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