Content Management

Each PandoPad comes with PandoPad® Manager - its proprietary advanced content management system (CMS), that can be accessed through any browser on any type of PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone.

Content Management is a key for success of any Digital Signage project. Without rich and up to date content your Digital Signage solution will quickly become unattractive to users. Once you lose their attention it is hard to reclaim it. 

In our experience customers often wish to avoid the responsibility for managing their own content. They seek to transfer that responsibility onto agencies or solution vendors. One of the reasons is their previous painful experience with content management systems (CMSs).

For this reason we endeavoured to design our PandoPad® Manager to make it as simple to use and as practical as possible, without sacrificing advanced functionality or full accessibility at any time and from any location.

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  • HT Eronet
  • Microsoft
  • Weekend Media Festival
  • Etnografski muzej Zagreb
  • Park prirode Lonjsko polje